Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angered there's no more beer, man stabs drinking buddy

Note to self: always keep enough beer in the house.

A man is accused of stabbing his drinking buddy in the chest after becoming angry that they had run out of beer [...] at 210 S. Rio Grande, which is the address of a homeless shelter.

Read the whole story at the Salt Lake Tribune.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much the running out of beer that riled the guy - it was the host's attempt at substituting French Champagne, Jack Daniels or some other gutrot!

Naturally he's going to stab someone in response to that insult.

A true beer drinker defending his honor thats all :)

Great Blog - Thanks


Richard Stueven said...

Yeah, they always leave that part out, don't they. One guy tries to show another a bit of culture, and look what he gets for his trouble.

Anonymous said...

easy now -
unca Jack is berry berry dear to my heart, and i have a 119.