Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, 2008 May 19: Warsaw-Copenhagen

Yesterday: Omaha-Chicago-Warsaw

Nine hours and five minutes after leaving the hellhole known as O'Hare, we landed at Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw. I learned three more Polish words along the way: proszę (please, pronounced "PROSH-o"), dziekuję (thank you, pronounced "jin-KU-yo"), and toalety (toilet, surprisingly pronounced just like it looks). So now I know six Polish words — yes, no, beer, please, thanks, toilet — and that should be enough to get me through the four hours here; my flight to Copenhagen (also on LOT) is scheduled to leave at 6:10pm.

Żywiec Porter is a damn tasty beer over here. It's a damn tasty beer at home, but it's (obviously) fresher here. Even their standard Pilsener-style beer goes down nicely. I picked up cans of their Tatra, Strong, and Warka at the duty-free shop. I had time to taste the Tatra and the Warka before I left Warsaw, because my flight didn't actually leave until 7:20pm.

Piwo Żywieckie

Żywiec Porter

After arriving at København-Kastrup, a DKK30 ($6) train ride got me downtown, and a five-minute walk got me to the hotel, where Paris happened to be waiting at the front desk. We had a few beers in the hotel bar and called it a night.

Tomorrow: Bryggeriet Apollo and Brewpub København

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