Sunday, May 11, 2008

Copenhagen (København)

Paris the Infinitely Generous is allowing me to tag along on her trip to Copenhagen next week, May 19-23. There seems to be no shortage of breweries in town; if you've been there or if you live there, please pass along any tips on which ones to visit!

Also, my flight there involves a four-hour layover at Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland. My Polish language skills consist of tak, nie, and piwo, so that should be an adventure.

Actually, my Danish language skills aren't much more advanced than that. Useful-phrases lists for both languages would be mighty handy...


slainte34 said...

Norrebro Bryghus, Olbaren, the Brewpub, and Charlie's Bar/Pub are all great places to get beer in Copenhagen Denmark and within walking distance from city center. You'll get some great beer choices everywhere though, but it isn't cheap to be honest.
'Tak' is pronounced as it looks and means 'thank you' in Danish. 'øl' means beer in Danish is universally understood. Most Danes speak English, but appreciate a bit of visitors trying a bit of Danish to start. If you can find some ølfabrikken beer in bottles in stores then pick some up-the brewery has closed but they made some good beer.
Good luck!

Richard Stueven said...

Thanks for the tips!