Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, 2008 May 21: Wasted

Yesterday: Bryggeriet Apollo and Brewpub København

No, "Wasted" is not a brewpub-laden suburb of København. "Wasted" describes this day, as in "this day was completely wasted". I didn't get out of bed — except for "emergencies" — until 1:30pm. I walked to an Apoteket to get some stomach meds; the best they could do was an antacid, which I don't expect will help much. They don't seem to have a Pepto-Bismol-equivalent here.

I haven't eaten since yesterday's lunch. Indeed, I'm afraid to.

This creepy hotel room painting isn't helping at all

Tomorrow: Plan B is Plan A


Brewer said...

i cant tell if that is supposed to be a vagina or a sphincter...

Anonymous said...

note to jeremy --
if your girl's vajayjay looks like this, she prob'ly has a Y chromosome somewhere in "her" .

. . .just sayin'