Thursday, February 5, 2009

December-January recap

It appears that I haven't written a "Brewer's Life" article since December 10, when I said that I'd be brewing the Weizenbock in a couple of days. Now, the Weizenbock has actually been on tap for a week, and it seems like maybe I should get the blog caught up. Not that a whole lot went on here, but here you go.

Thursday, December 11Brew Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen.
Friday, December 12Order malt, and do some general cleaning.
Monday, December 15Clean the draft lines, and do more general cleaning.
Tuesday, December 16More cleaning; there's a health inspection coming up. Received a new batch of yeast.
Wednesday, December 17Federal excise taxes. Clean and fill kegs.
Thursday, December 18Clean a fermenter for tomorrow's brew.
Friday, December 19Brew All-American Gold.
Monday, December 22Clean a fermenter. Fill kegs. Transfer 14 barrels of root beer, seven barrels of Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen, and seven barrels of Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen. Health inspector was here from 3:00 to 4:00pm
Tuesday, December 23Deliver root beer to Lincoln and Council Bluffs.
Friday, December 26Clean and fill kegs
Monday, December 29Clean the draft lines.
Wednesday, December 31Clean and fill kegs
Thursday, January 1Annual inventory. An utter waste of time that we have to do every New Year's Day.
Friday, January 2December state and federal taxes. Annual production report — I'll summarize this in an upcoming article.
Monday, January 5Clean a bright tank. Transfer the All-American Gold. Dump the Bugeater Brown that I brewed back in October. Harvest the yeast from the Gold's fermenter. Clean two fermenters. Pick up a pallet of sugar in Duncan, for all the soda I need to make this week.
Tuesday, January 6Brew Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen
Wednesday, January 7Brew Wrecking Ball Weizenbock. And since KJ came up from Omaha to help, we brewed a batch of Bugeater Brown Ale too.
Thursday, January 8Make seven barrels of orange cream soda.
Friday, January 9Clean the draft lines. Clean and fill kegs.
Saturday, January 10Leave for Germany.
Friday, January 16Return from Germany. I got home too late to attend the Winterfest Ales & Auction in Lincoln this evening, but the BrewCast.Net crew handled it for me.
Saturday, January 17Clean and fill kegs.
Monday, January 19Clean the draft lines. Federal excise taxes.
Tuesday, January 20Make 35 barrels of root beer.
Wednesday, January 21Work on recreating my brewery tax software that I accidentally deleted last week.
Thursday, January 22Clean and fill kegs. Meet with the owners of a new bar in Omaha about carrying our beer.
Friday, January 23Work on the tax software.
Saturday, January 24Gave a brewery tour to a group of 50 FFA alumni.
Monday, January 26Clean the draft lines. Clean a bright beer tank. Transfer the Weizenbock. Clean a fermenter.
Tuesday, January 27Work on the tax software.
Wednesday, January 28My dad had expressed annoyance that I had named a beer for his brother, but not one for him, so I brewed Papa Dale's Amber Ale.
Thursday, January 29Brewed Impromptu Pale Ale, with the help of the folks from the Brass Monkey in Omaha.
Friday, January 30Fill kegs. Tap the Wrecking Ball Weizenbock.
Sunday, February 1Fill kegs. Transfer 14 barrels of root beer.
Monday, February 2State and federal taxes. Deliver root beer to Norfolk.
Tuesday, February 3Deliver root beer to Lincoln and Council Bluffs.
Wednesday, February 4Clean a bright tank. Transfer the Bugeater Brown Ale.
TodayClean kegs. Write this article.
TomorrowClean a bright tank. Fill kegs. Drive to Duncan to pick up the malt that I ordered eight weeks ago. (It has probably been there for a month; they never tell me when it's there until it's in their way.)
Next weekWho knows.

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