Friday, February 6, 2009

SF Beer Week

This just in from the San Jose Mercury News, by way of

America's craft beer movement began in the San Francisco Bay Area. With Anchor Brewing's rescue by Fritz Maytag in 1965 and the founding of New Albion Brewing in 1976, craft beer grew into the Silver Age of American brewing, with over 1400 small craft breweries today.

SF BEER WEEK will be a ten-day celebration of that legacy, showcasing the Bay Area's brewing heritage with as many as 150 events.

SF Beer Week run from today through February 15. Go to for complete details and event schedules.

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Anonymous said...

knew i shoulda checked in yestaday . . .

just came back from "clubbing" all day up in the city.

and it was t h i r s t y work.
and we had a chauffeur, so we coulda shoulda woulda . . .

crap. why din't you warn me.
(when you called i told you i was up in the city)