Thursday, December 3, 2009

Günzburg and Leipheim

Yesterday: Augsburg again

First, this tip from the "Beer Me!" Travel Bureau...

The gates at German railroad crossings close while the train is still a long way away. Still, walking around the gates to catch a train, even when the train is a good thousand yards off, will earn you a stern lecture from the train driver when you board.

Now, back to the trip...

Günzburg used to have quite a few breweries. Some of them have closed, and some of them have moved their production either off-site or out of town altogether.

Brauereigasthof zur Münz, Günzburg

Gasthaus und Brauerei zur goldene Traube, Günzburg

The Brauereigaststätte zum Rad serves beers from Günzburg's Brauerei zum Rad, which specializes in wheat beers. They offer a tray of 100ml samples of all five of their beers, plus a glass to take home, for €7.50. Plus their Schweinehaxe is massive.

Radbrauerei Günzburger Märzen-Spezial

Radbrauerei Günzburger Hefe-Weizen

Radbrauerei Günzburger Leichtes Weizen

Radbrauerei Günzburger Ur-Weizen

Radbrauerei Günzburger Weizenbock

I walked up the hill to get a look at Münz-Brauerei, but I couldn't find any of their beer on the way down to the Bahnhof.

Münz-Brauerei, Günzburg

Leipheim is a four-minute train ride from Günzburg, and Gaissmaier Brauerei is a four-minute walk from the train station.

Gaissmaier Brauerei, Leipheim

Two half-liters and a bottle cost me just €5.90, and that included the bottle deposit.

Gaissmaier Helles

Gaissmaier Dunkles

Tomorrow: Ulm


choo said...

i'm noticing something missing in these here beer shots . . .
maybe that's why your invisibility is getting you yelled at.

Richard Stueven said...

I noticed a lot of times on this trip that I would have had a lot more fun if I would have had a drinking buddy.
You know, kinda like I had last time.