Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Publican's Ten Commandments

I found this posted at Gasthausbrauerei König von Flandern in Augsburg:

The Publican's Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of the Publican

  1. You shall believe everything your Publican says.

  2. You shall praise your Publican and glorify him over all others.

  3. You shall visit your Publican daily.

  4. You shall honor and cherish your Publican, and not anger him, as long as he shall live.

  5. You shall, when you are drunk, not become loud nor violent, but keep yourself as proud and peaceful as you would at home.

  6. You shall not be indecent while in the Pub.

  7. You shall pay your bill promptly, and you shall not drink your neighbor's beer.

  8. You shall not covet your Publican's servers nor female friends — they belong to him alone.

  9. You shall not eat nor drink if you cannot pay.

  10. You shall keep all these Commandments, so that you do not go to Hell and suffer from thirst!

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