Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday: Günzburg and Leipheim

Paris only worked a half-day today. A colleague who lives in Ulm within spitting distance of Kronenbrauerei Söflingen offered to drive us there, and since Paris hadn't been there before, we went.

Kronenbrauerei Söflingen, Ulm-Söflingen

Kronenbrauerei Söflingen's Bierprobe

Kronenbrauerei Söflingen's Party Keg

Kronenbrauerei Söflingen Weihnachtsbier

We took the streetcar into central Ulm and wandered around the Marktplatz. I thought I sorta kinda remembered where the Barfüßer brewery was, but lots of walking around proved me wrong.

There is a Barfüßer in Neu-Ulm, but it's not the one we were looking for

In the end, we found Barfüßer, had a couple of beers, and took the train back to Warthausen. Once there, we drank the two bottles of wine that Paris' colleagues gave her as a going-away gift.

Tomorrow: Esslingen am Neckar and Stuttgart

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