Monday, January 24, 2011

20,000 beers under their look-see

Although my notebooks contain more than 8,400 notes, I just recently logged my 7,000th unique beer after 18 years* of keeping track. Clearly, I am an amateur.

I don’t know for certain if it’s a world record, and there was nobody on hand from the Guinness book to record the momentous event. But on Monday, Jan. 17, Bob and Ellie Tupper sampled their 20,000th beer at a special tasting held in their honor at R.F.D. Washington.

To those scoring at home, that averages to nearly two beers a day (different ones, too; there are no repeats in the Tuppers’ log) spread out over more than three decades.

I raise my glass to them!

Read Greg Kitsock's article about the Tuppers at the Washington Post.

17 years, 9 months, 24 days, to be exact.

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