Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Filling kegs

Today's big project was filling 30 five-gallon kegs and 20 half-barrels of root beer for Norfolk. Only I ran out of root beer with five half-barrels to go. Adam said he'd get me some emergency backup sugar tomorrow, so I'll be able to make enough root beer to keep the pub going through the weekend as well as finish this order, plus Grand Island's order.

Yesterday's brews are fermenting happily away. So much so, that in the spirit of lolcats, I present to you now the Internet's first-ever lolyeast!


Richard Stueven said...

OK, I just did a search on lolyeast. Maybe I should have come up with a different name.

Anonymous said...

my "ewwww" comment never showed up -
(this is why i suck at computing . . .no pun intended)

so i'm doin it again.


Richard Stueven said...

Whaddaya mean, "ewww"?

That's Happy Yeast!

Anonymous said...

sez you
(i looked it up too!)