Monday, June 18, 2007

The Keg vs. The Cork in Sonoma

Chef Sang Yoon sounds like my kind of guy.

Sang Yoon is a chef. Sang Yoon is also a Korean-Russian hockey-playing beer provocateur who lives a short drive from his Santa Monica bar and restaurant, Father’s Office. At Father’s Office, Yoon keeps 36 craft beers on tap at all times; as if that weren’t enough, at his house he also has three more beer taps, directly connected to kegs, in his kitchen. When Yoon tells me this, I say something like, "You have beer taps in your kitchen?" and he gives me a look that seems to say, Of course—why wouldn’t I?

The rest of the article (at Food & Wine) describes a tour of northern California breweries and explanations on why the beers they tasted accompany food better than wines.

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Anonymous said...

one time we went "wine tasting" up in napa . . .

after filling up on the swill we were in desperate need of a beer to wash it all away . . .

driving down the road LD spots "silverado brewery" (or something like that - it was a few years back, i am old, and suffering from halfsheimers)
i surpisedly exclaim "where?" (in total shock there is even ANY beer in napa)
she says "over there" (pointing behind us and across the street)
i flip the bitch so fast i din't even see the truck coming . . .

good thing i am such a good (defensive) driver cause we escaped by the skins of our teeth- and nobody was hurt and no metal got dinged.

(bonus-the tender hooked us up with the cutest little pint shaped glasses ever.)

love choo