Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fun with a beer seeker

Paris returned to Omaha this morning, and as usual we had lunch at the Crescent Moon Ale House and bought a few bottles next door at Beertopia. We got home around dinnertime and fed the cats and planned to have a quiet evening at home.

The phone rang around 8:00; it was the bartender at Gottberg. She said there was a guy at the bar who had been using my site for years to plan his travels, and he'd like to meet me if possible. Why not...we walked over to the pub.

At the bar was one Christopher Bay, from Detroit. He was wending his way home from seeing his daughter in New Mexico, stopping at breweries along the way. Twenty breweries, in fact, in the last two weeks.

We talked about beer and we talked about breweries and he showed us his pictures and we drank more beer and the pub was about to close. We told Christopher to park his camper in our driveway, then we got into my cellar and drank more beers. (I'll have to sort through the empty bottles to figure out just which ones.) A good time was had by all.

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