Monday, June 11, 2007


Cleaned the draft lines.

Made a seven-barrel batch of root beer with the last of the sugar I had on hand. I got an order from Norfolk for fifteen barrels of root beer, which is just about exactly how much I have on hand. I'd like to make some more, but I called the Dorothy Lynch plant to see if I could borrow a ton (actually 2,400 pounds) of sugar, and they said they didn't even have enough for this week's salad dressing production and they weren't sure when the next shipment of sugar would arrive. So we might just run out of root beer this weekend.

Filled a few kegs for the pub.

I'd like to brew tomorrow, so I filled up the hot liquor tank and turned on the steam. After a while the water was plenty hot, but the digital display said the temperature was 32°F. I swapped out the probe to no effect, so I stole a controller from one of the fermenters and the problem was resolved. So I will be brewing tomorrow!

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