Monday, July 9, 2007

Beer's in a milkshake, but never on a sundae? cream. I first experienced the luxurious flavors of a Stout Float at CooperSmith's in Fort Collins back in 1994. Lots of brewpubs offer them now, including some that I've worked at.

Nothing says summer like a frosty milkshake or a cold beer. Just don't assume the two are mutually exclusive.

Beer-flavored ice cream — often made with splashes of hearty brews such as stout — have become staples on dessert menus in brewpubs across the nation.

A British dairy caused a stir recently when it came out with New Castle Brown Ale-flavored ice cream, a creamy concoction that is said to highlight the distinctive New Castle taste. Unfortunately, the product appears to be available only in England.

Read the entire article at The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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