Monday, July 9, 2007

Hark! It's 'The Canned Beer Apocalypse'

Canned beer definitely has a "cheap" image, but one that's not necessarily deserved. I have tasted some canned beers from Oskar Blues, as well as other craft breweries, and found them just as tasty as their bottled versions. And since cans are great packages for picnics, golf courses, ballparks, etc, we'll be seeing more and more small breweries starting to can their beers. Sam Spilker once told me that canning is expensive, and he doesn't like doing it, but it got exposure for his beers that he couldn't have got any other way.

The Canned Beer Apocalypse is both a joke and serious at the same time.

The phrase is actually a registered trademark of Oskar Blues Brewing Company in Lyons, Colo. Back in 2002, owner Dale Katechis, the namesake of Dale's Pale Ale, and maker of Old Chub Scottish Ale and Gordon, got a fax from Cask Brewing Systems, a Canadian company hawking canning contraptions to small, independent brewers like himself.

"Put my bold, hoppy Pale Ale into a can?" he scoffed. Then he laughed, long and loud, and continued to laugh for weeks. At some point, (exhaustion I presume) Dale stopped laughing and started learning, and you know what he found out?

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