Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tom brews Gold

I was kind of hoping to take it easy this week, but our supply of All-American Gold is running low. Fortunately, local homebrewer Tom Froehner kindly came by to do all the heavy work, brewing seven barrels of beer while I mostly just watched. I know Tom reads these pages, so I'll leave it to him to explain the important lesson he learned today.

Thanks, Tom!

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papitom said...

Every profession has it's lessons. Race car drivers never enter a race with and empty tank. Painters don't paint themselves into a corner. Chefs never pick their noses in the kitchen. And brewers never remove hose clamps and hoses without checking valves first. At least not more than once!
Fortunately, it was one of my rare moments when my mouth was closed. It also helped that the line was full of water and not caustic cleaning liquid. Then again, I could have had my mouth open and the line could have been full of beer. (It is a brewery you know!)
Not everyone has a professional to learn from though. My most recent demonstration was on clearing a clogged valve on a fermenter. Next to hands on experience, learning through observation comes in a close second