Monday, July 9, 2007

The first week of July, more or less

  • Thursday, June 28: Filled root beer kegs.

  • Friday, June 29: Delivered root beer kegs to Council Bluffs and Lincoln. Stopped by Yia Yia's for lunch. The pizza was almost as excellent as the beer selection!

  • Monday, July 2: Went to see a spine specialist in Omaha. They took some more MRIs and X-rays of my neck and back, and said they'd get back to me with the results. I hope they find something treatable; I could barely walk this weekend. Had lunch at Crescent Moon as usual when I'm in town.

  • Tuesday, July 3: Cleaned the draft lines. Cleaned and filled a whole bunch kegs; in fact, I ran out of root beer before the order was filled. Broke the handle off the keg cleaner coupler. Picked up a pallet of sugar in Duncan, and used 750 pounds of it to make 21 barrels of root beer.

  • Thursday, July 5: Exeter homebrewer Chase Becker came to Columbus today to help brew two beers: seven barrels each of Brown Ale and Hefeweizen. (I say he "helped"...actually he did all the work.) Other than the slow runoff, the brews went pretty well. I called the manufacturer of the keg cleaner to see if I could get a new handle, figuring it would probably cost $30 or so. He told me they don't make that kind anymore, and I'd have to get a whole new coupler FOR A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE BUCKS. So it should be here early next week. In the meantime, I have exactly one clean half-barrel.

  • Friday, July 6: Filled the rest of the root beer kegs and drove them to Norfolk. Filed June's tax reports, along with most of last week's invoices which I stupidly allowed to stack up on my desk.

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Unknown said...

See!- It's all about yia yia's! ;)

They put high end beer on the map in Nebraska 10-15yrs ago, and was the only place I knew of to get westmalle and the other greats!

Take care,