Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brewer in dispute with real Sam Adams

Hmmm...maybe the name "Sam Adams" is more common than they thought.

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Boston brewers of Sam Adams beer objected when they learned that a mayoral campaign here included Web sites invoking the name of their product.

What they didn't realize is that Sam Adams is also the name of the candidate — and has been since before the beer hit the market.

The Portland Sam Adams, a mild-mannered bicycle rider, is a far cry from the Boston Sam Adams, a patriot, brewer, rabble-rouser and business flop of Revolutionary War times. The second cousin to former president John Adams inherited the brewery, and it failed several years later.

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Anonymous said...

ok-sam adams beer sucks - but this is way cool

two of my flavorite things!
. . .wonder if they'd let the dogs in like that little dive bar in mtn. view does. I show up, order two pints and a bowl, put the bowl on the floor, pour one of the pints in the bowl, let the Monkey have her way with it and sit back and let everybody buy me beers cause they think it's so cool my dog is a lush too!
Well, actually they buy the dog the beer-but she's only allowed one. that's her limit. i, on the other hand, have no limit, so i drink all her beer.

Richard Stueven said...

What, exactly, is a "pet-themed beer"? I charge you with going to the event to find out.

Anonymous said...

"What, exactly, is a "pet-themed beer"? "

i have no freekin clue-but i will most certainly go find out!

maybe it has hair in it . . .

no need to charge me-i'll do it fer free, but
if you would kindly pass out 'beer me' licensed credentials i might've been able to get some free samples under the auspicion of "research and promotion"

but seein as it's a fundraiser and all, i'll let this one slide, eh.

Monkey says woof.
(that means "beer please" in dog)

Anonymous said...

ok so apparently dogs were allowed, but i din't htink they were so Monkey (and Cousin Vito) stayed home.

she (they) missed a good time.

i can't beleive how many men bought me beers.
serioudly. men. bought me beers.

must be slim pickins in campell.

full report coming as soon as i get it all together.

love choo

Anonymous said...

no hairs in the beer.