Monday, October 8, 2007

More festivities

Last Thursday morning, I picked up Paris at the Omaha airport. We stopped by Crescent Moon for a quick beer, then headed to Lincoln for lunch at Yia Yia's. That evening was the 14th Annual Okto Beerfest. It was hot as hell in the building, but the 800+ people who showed up sure had a good time. We went through a sixth-barrel each of Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen, Bugeater Brown Ale, and Princess of Darkness Porter. Just like last week, we ran out of beer an hour before the end of the show, despite bringing three times as much beer.

A shitty camera-phone picture of the brewers' table

Friday, I went to physical therapy in the morning and planned to take the rest of the day off, but I got a call saying that the glycol machine was all iced up. So I went over to the brewery, climbed up on the roof, and added 7½ gallons of fresh glycol to the reservoir. The temperature kept going up, so I just shut the damn thing off for the weekend, figuring it would thaw.

Today, more physical therapy after cleaning the draft lines. It seems to be working; I don't feel like there's a knife stuck in my back, at least not as often. I spent part of the morning back on the roof with the chiller. It seems to be working now, although the outside of the evaporator is still frosting up a bit. I'll climb back up there tomorrow to take a look.

Tomorrow: I should probably brew a batch of Hefeweizen.

Friday: Yet another fest, this one in Omaha again.


Anonymous said...

dude . . .it's not the camera phone . . .

Richard Stueven said...

I swear my camera-phone had not been drinking before that picture was taken.