Monday, October 15, 2007

Yet more festivities

Last Friday was the NCHS HomeGrown Fundraiser Event, a beer/wine/food fest to raise money for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society Foundation. It was a good time, although we only went through half of the beer we brought. It's clear that when there's wine, they don't drink beer. Ah well. Two different Omaha bar owners said they'd be interested in carrying my beer, so we'll see if they call.

A festival in the dark

Saturday, my customer in Council Bluffs called, saying he had forgot to order root beer, and he needed an "emergency delivery". I told him I'd fill some kegs and deliver them Sunday, since I had to take Paris to the airport anyway.

While we were in Council Bluffs, we stopped at the highly-touted Hy-Vee liquor department for the first time. We were not disappointed. Here's what I picked up:

I didn't even scratch the surface of their offerings. I'm planning to go back on Friday, beer list in hand, to do some serious shopping.

Coming up this week:

Monday: PT, and filter the All-American Gold.

Tuesday: Brew Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen.

Wednesday: PT, and brew Bugeater Brown Ale.

Thursday: PT, and clean and fill kegs, then head for Omaha and some beers at the Huber Haus.

Friday: More shots in the back, and pick up Paris at the airport.

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