Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final week of November

Back to the grind. (At least I'm allowed — hell, I'm required — to have a beer while I work.)

Monday: Cleaned the draft lines. Had an hour of physical therapy on my back. Filled some root beer kegs and deliver them to Lincoln and Council Bluffs, stopping along in Omaha to pick up some wine for the restaurant. (Plus a quick pint of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale at the Crescent Moon.

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Tuesday: Brewed seven barrels of Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen. I did some repair work on my brother's computer this weekend, so I drove to Grand Island to drop it off at his house, stopping by the Chicken Coop for a couple of pints afterwards.

Today: PT this morning. Cleaned about five dozen kegs, one of which is pictured here. Filled a few five-gallon cans of root beer, and rolled one of them down the street to Crackers & Caviar.

Tomorrow: PT at 9:00. Brew seven barrels of Impromptu Pale Ale. I have a box of Simcoe hops that I've been itching to use in this beer. But I'm irrationally kind of hoping that it won't taste as good as it could, since there won't be any more Simcoe hops to be had until next fall.

Friday: (Note: virtually no beer content here.) Pick up Paris in Omaha. She's got three more weeks on this New Jersey project, then a couple of weeks off before she starts working in England or Germany or both. She told me today to "get the tanks full". Also, I'm planning to lace up my skates and play some hockey in the afternoon. I haven't skated in something like three years, and I'll need to tune up my game for my Shark For A Day adventure next March.

Saturday: Pour beer at Crescent Moon Holiday Beer Fest in Omaha. I'm taking five gallons of my Novemberfest beer.

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Anonymous said...

had a dream we were on the ice with Luna . . .
i knew it was Luna, but i'm only pretty sure it was you - couldn't tell through all the gear . . .

(it was the pint glass on top of the net gave you away)