Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man Suing After Allegedly Being Injured By Beer At Store

America: Land of the Professional Victim.

OCALA, Fla. -- A man has filed a lawsuit because he claims he was injured while trying to buy beer at an Ocala Albertson's store.

Olester Duncan said he was trying to take a pack of Schlitz from a shelf when a falling beer hit him on the head.

Olester claims the store and the beer companies should have made sure the display was safe.

Read the entire story (well, actually, that was the entire story) at There's also a story at First Coast News that has more details, including Duncan's wife's claims of "[having] in the past and will in the future suffer the loss of the value of her husband's services, society, companionship and consortium by reason of his injuries".

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Anonymous said...

if i had a dolla for every beer that hit my head . . .
(the last thing i'd need is a lawyer!)