Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Russian draught beer dispenser goes international

This appears to be a device that allows beer bottles to be filled right in the store. I'm not sure how useful it would actually be, but it's kinda nifty.

A Russian company has made a device which it says allows retailers to sell draught beer easily from stores.

Pegas, made by Novosibirskprodmash, has been available in Russia for the past four years and is now being launched internationally.

The device can be installed into a beer column with or without a standard beer tap and can also be connected to a beer chiller or a beer line.

It is designed to be used with plastic bottles, which the company says are lighter, stronger and cheaper than glass.

Read the entire article at Drinks International.


Unknown said...

Hi Richard,

You right, the device fills PET bottles in stores with fresh keg beer. This service - buying draught beer in supermarkets and liqour shops-is extremely popular in Russia and is becoming popular in its neighbouring countries. The device is also meant for brew pubs and microbrewers as you can sell your beer for take away. PEGAS dispenses beer 3-4 times than a ussual beer tap and there is no foam while dispensing, so no beer wastage. That's why PEGAS goes internationally.

Anonymous said...

I have been at Anuga exhibition. It's interesting stuff and Europeans were interested. but I'm afraid that if I stock it I will have problems with transportation and especially with spare parts.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

Probably we didn't expalin it at the exhibition, but there is a suply of spare parts that we sell together with one unit. As for transportation, I think it's a usual situation on the world market to import and export goods. You are welcome with your other questions. You can contact us from our official website www.beerinnovations.com.