Monday, December 17, 2007

December, week 3

Last week's plan was almost completely successful! I got just about everything done that I intended to do.

This weekend, the Jack of Spades Schwarzbier ran out, as did the Red Cream Soda. I don't have anything to replace the Schwarzbier, and I probably won't for some time, but that's OK. I need to come up with 250 pounds of sugar so I can make a new batch of soda, though.

After physical therapy this morning, I'm cleaning the draft lines, and a pile of kegs, and three fermenters, and catching up some paperwork, and I should probably do the excise taxes too. The Chamber of Commerce is having some kind of party at a local car dealership tonight, and they asked me to pour some Hefeweizen, so I have to get all that stuff ready to go.

Tuesday: brew another batch of All-American Gold.

Wednesday: if there's any sugar at the plant, I'll run out there and pick it up, then make seven barrels of Red Cream Soda and 14 barrels of Root Beer.

Thursday: physical therapy again, and fill the keg orders.

Friday: pick up Paris at the airport. She's finally done with this project in New Jersey. Her next assignment may involve a week in Dublin; I need to be sure I'm all caught up so I can go along.

There's probably more, but that's all I can think of for now. Time to go rinse the fermenter.

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