Sunday, December 9, 2007

Police told how to spot a drunk

Someone in the UK government got paid to come up with this. They should have titled it "How to harass customers and workers in a pub".

Around 90 police basic command units in England and Wales are involved in the operation, which could see barstaff being hit with an £80 fixed-penalty fine if found “knowingly” selling to someone who is drunk.

However a fine can only be issued by a uniformed officer.

Selling to a drunk customer is an offence under the Licensing Act, but confusion over what defines “drunk” has engulfed the trade – until now.

Plain-clothed officers have been told that behaviour such as “rambling conversation”, “an unkempt appearance”, “being careless with money”, and “spilling drinks” is all evidence to prove somebody is drunk.

Other indicators, according to the document, are “fumbling for cigarettes” and “bumping into furniture”.

Police in each area will visit two “nominated” premises on two nights each weekend up until Christmas Eve, with up to 1,500 premises being targeted in total.

The actual list of drunken traits appears later in the article, which you can read in its entirety at The Publican.

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