Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No sugar tonight in my root beer

I drove out to Duncan this morning only to find that they couldn't spare any sugar, and that they might not have any for a week or more. Adam said he'll order 250 pounds of Emergency Backup Sugar from his kitchen supplier. It will be here on Friday, but I won't. And I won't have time to make the soda on Monday, and the pub is closed on Tuesday for some damn reason. I'll plan on making it next Wednesday, and maybe tapping the red pop on Thursday.

So instead of making root beer and red cream soda, I'm doing tomorrow's keg work today. Then tomorrow I'll...I'll...I'll think of something.

[Added 2007-12-19 4:44pm] Criminey. I'm all done with the kegs and the paperwork, and I'm relaxing (well, actually I was working on a side project) at the bar when the bartender says, "Jeez, this beer is foamy. I just can't get it to pour right. And it's warm, too." So I go to the cellar to check it out. Turns out the machine that keeps the draft lines cold has frozen up. The glycol reservoir is a solid block of ice. I melted all the ice with hot water, and siphoned out what was left. (Write this down: moldy glycol water doesn't taste good.) One of the two recirculation pumps was kaputt. Fortunately, Willie the Maintenance Guy showed up and helped me get the machine running. The working pump was sending coolant to some lines that we haven't used in years, so we swapped those lines for the ones we actually use, and all appears well now. One more beer, then I go home.


Anonymous said...

you need somethin to do, eh?

c'mere - i'll give you somethin to do . . .

Richard Stueven said...

Now, how can I refuse an invitation like that?