Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pennsylvania beers are focus of collection

I've got a couple thousand labels and coasters piled in boxes, and I've always been meaning to put them on display somehow. This guy makes me look like the utter tyro that I am.

[Ron] Leese, 72, began collecting beer cans in the early 70s when he bought a case of Natural Bohemian beer and found one can was completely empty. He set it on a shelf, where it was later joined by a "pretty" Bergheim can from the Kutztown Fair he decided to keep because of its many colors. Those two cans are now part of a collection that exceeds 5,000, Leese said. A select few of them are worth about $2,000 each.

And those are just the cans.

Find the whole story — and pictures — at the Evening Sun.

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