Sunday, September 7, 2008

Preparation for Basel, the flights, and the first beers

Last week was a busy one, especially with the holiday on Monday and Paris' departure on Tuesday. I had to fill a metric assload of root beer kegs and deliver them to Council Bluffs and Norfolk. I had to make 21 barrels of root beer and 7 barrels of Red Cream Soda. I even cleaned the draft lines Friday morning before heading to the airport. I wanted to brew a batch of Brown Ale, but there just wasn't time.

Delta actually got us out of Omaha a few minutes early, and Air France did the same out of Cincinnati. The flight from Paris to Basel was delayed about an hour, but I was at the hotel by 2:00pm. (Free Heineken 0.25-liter cans on that flight!)

Paris and I walked around Basel looking for the brewpubs. It turns out that they don't open until 4:30pm. The liquor store next door to Unser Bier was open, so we picked up a ten-bottle assortment to carry back to the hotel. We'll check out their Bierstube later in the week.

Brauerei Unser Bier, Basel

Making a second pass through town, we found zum Alten Warteck right around the corner from the hotel. It's a nice restaurant serving beers from the local brewery.

Restaurant zum alten Warteck, Basel

Warteck Lager

Warteck Dunkel

Brauerei Fischerstube was pouring their Ueli Bier by the time we got there.

Brauerei Fischerstube, Basel

They talk funny here

The Ueli Sampler, Brauerei Fischerstube, Basel

Tomorrow: Freiburg im Breisgau

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