Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maps and directions

I've added a new feature to the site: brewery maps and directions. It's not particularly pretty, and I'm going to keep fixing it up, but it's useful as it is.

Wedged in between the brewery's information and its beer list, you'll find a Google Map of the brewery's location.

Initial brewery map view

Breweries that are open to the public are marked , and those that are not are marked . (I'm working on some more informative icons.)

Clicking on a brewery's icon brings up an information window, thus:

Brewery map with information window

Clicking on the "Directions" tab lets you look up driving or walking directions to the brewery. (This part needs some "ease-of-use" work.)

Brewery map walking directions

Finally, zooming out will display the 100 closest breweries to the initial location. (Eventually, I'll remove the 100-brewery limitation.)

Brewery map zoomed out

This should work with all modern, standards-compliant browsers. If it gives you any trouble, let me know.

One more thing: clicking on a "[Map]" link will still take you to

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