Monday, January 5, 2009

A passion for drinking on the job

Sure, it sounds cool. In fact, being a beer judge is cool. But no self-respecting competition organizer will expect any judge to handle 101 beers in a single day. Two words: palate fatigue. There's no way to even pretend to evaluate a beer subjectively after that many.

Colin Mallon is in no danger of being fired for drinking on the job, which is just as well considering he recently tasted 101 beers in six hours.

The impressive feat happened when Mr Mallon, 37, judged his first big beer competition an annual Wellington beer survey. Unlike wine tasters, beer judges must swallow each brew so they can get the full impact of its colour, smell and taste.

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Anonymous said...

whot ?

you went a whole year with no iron ? ? ?

well, 2009 WILL be different!
i got's 3/4 of a case here in my new beer cellar - you must enjoy some with me soon, eh?

Anonymous said...

crap- this was supposed to go to the post above . . .

but since i'm here . . . how do i get a pretty blue handle?