Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, 14 January 2009: Söflingen, Dellmensingen, and Ravensburg

Yesterday: Hailtingen and Zwiefaltendorf

Ulm is the closest sizable city to Hopfenweiler; my daily half-hour walk and an 80-minute train ride got me to Ulm's Söflingen section, home of the Kronen Brauerei. The beers were tasty and reasonably-priced, at 2.10€ for a small and 3.50€ for a large. The Schweinefilet Tessiner Art was damn tasty. The Stammtisch was manned by eight or so boisterous fellows. All in all, a fun place, well worth a visit.

Kronenbrauerei Söflingen, Ulm-Söflingen

Söflinger Spezial Hell

Söflinger Kellerpils Naturtrüb

Söflinger Natureisbock

Söflinger Hefeweizen Hell

Söflinger Urtrunk Dunkel

(A side note: last time I was in Ulm, I was unsuccessful in my quest to find the Albert Einstein monument. This time, I was similarly unsuccessful in finding the Johann Gambolputtydevonausfernschplendenschlittercrasscrenbonfried-diggerdingledangledongledunglebursteinvonknackerthrasher-applebangerhorowitzticolensicgranderknottyspelltinklegrandlich-grumblemeyerspelterwasserkurstlichhimbleeisenbahnwagen-
macheluberhundsfutgumeraberschönendankerkalbsfleisch-mittleraucher von Hautkopft of Ulm monument.)

Forty-five minutes after leaving the Kronen Brauerei, the bus dropped me off at Brauerei-Gasthof Adler in Erbach-Dellmensingen. All three rooms that I could see were quite busy for a Wednesday afternoon, but I easily found a spot in the Stube to spread out and get down to business.

Brauerei-Gasthof Adler, Erbach-Dellmensingen

Adler Urbier Hell Naturtrüb

Adler Pils Naturtrüb

Adler Urbier Dunkel Naturtrüb

Adler Exportbier

Adler Weizenbier

I got back to the hotel around 6:00 and met Paris and three of her colleagues who wanted to go to Ravensburg for dinner. I suggested Brauerei Leibinger. I had tried to visit Leibinger a couple of times on previous trips, but they don't open their Gaststätte until 4:00pm during the week. We found it tonight with only some small difficulty and had a fine dinner along with their Dunklesbier.

Brauerei Leibinger, Ravensburg

Leibinger Dunkles

We fly home out of Stuttgart on Friday, but we're heading there tomorrow morning so Paris can have a fun day away from the office.

Tomorrow: Stuttgart

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