Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday-Sunday, 10-11 January 2009: Planes and Trains

We left home at 10:30 CST and drove the 90 minutes to Omaha. Lunch (which included New Belgium 2° Below, which tasted suspiciously like Fat Tire) was a fine Cajun meal at Jazz, then a few pints at the Crescent Moon.

Our flight left Omaha at 5:00pm CST and arrived at Memphis on time. Our connection allowed no time for beers there. Then our departure was delayed because a couple of people checked bags, got on the plane, then decided they couldn't go, so their bags had to be dug out of the hold.

Despite the delay, arrived in Amsterdam on time, departed Amsterdam on time (again, no time for a beer) and arrived in Stuttgart on time. With 45 minutes to kill before the S-Bahn left, we had a Dinkel Acker Sanwald Hefeweizen at the "Welcome Bar".

Dinkel Acker Sanwald Hefeweizen

The S-Bahn was the start of the three-hour train ride to Bad Waldsee. We switched trains at Stuttgart Hbf. The train inexplicably stopped halfway between Göppingen and Ulm. (Actually, an explanation was given, but I didn't understand it.) We got to Aulendorf as our next train was scheduled to leave, but we just made it. A taxi picked us up in Bad Waldsee and drove us to the hotel in Hopfenweiler. We checked in at 6:30pm CEST, 25 hours after leaving the house.

Too tired to find the hotel bar, we drank the beers from the minibar — Metzacker Weiss-Gold and Pils — and called it a night.

Tomorrow: Ummendorf, Laupheim, and Biberach an der Riß

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