Monday, March 2, 2009

Bavarian brewers strike

This could be very bad news indeed.

In terrifying news for Weißbier fans, Bavarian beer brewers staged temporary strikes on Monday morning in an ongoing wage dispute with employers in the southern German state.

Some 40 workers at Munich’s beloved Augustiner brewery walked off their jobs at 5:30 am, along with 50 at the Spaten brewery and others at the Kulmbacher brewery, the union reported.

Read the whole story at The Local.


Anonymous said...

oh yay.
besides wonderin whot it is i will be able to eat over there besides sauerkraut, i may be now wonderin what i will be able to drink, besides water.

(extra points for the most usage of "besides" in a sentence)

Brewer said...

where do i sign up to be a scab.


I assume you must be a veggie? my wife was one when she was over there and every resturaunt had an "egg/potato" dish that they made at 5am and it sat under the heat lamps all day, it looked like.

On our second trip she ate a lot of falafel from the donner shop.


Good Burp said...

Say it isn't so. What am I going to do without my German fix? This is a tragic event.
I guess I am going to have to start making my own.

Anonymous said...

thanks jeremy
why yes, yes i am! (and not big AT ALL on eggs)
i'm plannin on takin a box of cliff/luna bars and some electrolyte powders just in case !

what's the "donner shop"?

Richard Stueven said...

Döner Kebap is their word for gyro. The Döner shops are sorta like Greek cafes.

Just about every brewpub I visited had a reasonable vegetarisch menu that had lots of salads, cheese, and veggies, and not much fried stuff. (But if you don't try Bratkartoffeln, you're missing out.)

Two weeks from today!

Anonymous said...

my stomach is in your hands . . .


and i might try the Bratkartoffeln, but there is no guarantee it will stay down if there's weird meat in it.

Brewer said...

falafels are good and veggie from the donner shop.

drinking a beer on the street and in the subway is one of the sweet things in life.


Anonymous said...

Bedankt voor het delen, zal ik bladwijzer en weer terug

Bierdeckel bedrucken