Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, 24 March 2009: Bamberg to Biberach

Yesterday: Bamberg

Our train from Bamberg to Biberach was scheduled to leave around 1:30pm, so we had a whole morning to kill. Paris unfortunately had to work, so she headed to the nearby Internet cafe, while Choo and I went into the Altstadt for some last minute souvenir hunting. She dragged me into a shop full of beer steins and spent a great deal of time carefully picking out her gifts.

Then it was my turn. But on the way, we ran into Brian and Liz one last time, on the upper Altes Rathaus bridge. We all traded pictures and said goodbye. Again.

Liz and Brian at the Altes Rathaus

Choo & me at the Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus, Bamberg

My first shopping-stop was zum Dominikaner, where we enjoyed some fine Gemütlichkeit late Sunday evening. They sell a "Bamberger Beer Basket" containing a bottle of beer from each Bamberger brewery, a commemorative stein, and some other goodies, and they even ship to America! So mine should arrive shortly after we get home.

Stop #2 was Schlenkerla, to pick up a Krug for KJ, who is doing a fine job as my beer salesman.

Finally, just down the street from Schlenkerla, is the Bamberger Trachtenstadl. With Bockfest 2009 coming up in Omaha on Saturday, I wanted some appropriate garb. I think what I got will do nicely.

Richard's Trachten, von Hut bis Schuhe

Choo and I got back to Spezial at noon, an hour after we told Paris we'd meet her there. (I blame Choo's dawdling at the stein store.) Paris was fuming because it turned out she didn't have to work after all, but at least she had some Spezial Märzen to calm her down. We had lunch and trudged to the Bahnhof.

Four trains and five hours later, we arrived in Biberach. Our hotel, Drei König, is conveniently located in the Marktplatz, and they serve beer from Brauerei Berg. I don't have any pictures here, because we're going to Berg tomorrow already.

Hotel Drei König, Biberach an der Riß

Tomorrow: Berg and Ehingen/Donau

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choo said...

Regarding your dragging and dwaddling comment -

you know i have OCD.
you know i have to touch e v e r y t h i n g.
you know i have to inspectigate carefully all considerations to insure craftsmanship and lastability and overall value . . .

you shouldn't make fun of the handicapped. it isn't PC.

But all my dragging and dwaddling was for complete naught as your spot on TSA team at omaha-eppley were so concerned about the 45mm water globe (that i so very carefully selected and had the lady wrap securely) being an item for terrorism that they unceremoniously removed it from my possession.

Funny how the candles every other screener wanted to have a look at coz they looked a little, shall we say, explosive, went by with not even a glance. ?

they always take something away from me there. ALWAYS. so i ain't flyin outta there no more.
you're gonna need to move.
do you think you could move to germany and i could come with???