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Monday, 23 March 2009: Bamberg

Yesterday: Bamberg

We have an ambitious plan today: visit as many Bamberger breweries as possible to try all of the different Bockbeers available this time of year.

Our ambitious Bamberg plan

Our first stop was Fässla, directly across the street from Spezial.

Brauerei Fässla, Bamberg

Fässla Zwergla

Fässla Lagerbier

They didn't have any Bock, and we weren't ready for lunch yet, so we headed for Klosterbräu.

Klosterbräu Bamberg

Klosterbräu Maibock

Klosterbräu Braunbier

We did better here, and the beers were much better than they were when we last visited, six years ago. Then suddenly our new-found friends, beer drinkers, and card players, Brian and Liz magically appeared, and we had a few more beers and we played a few more cards. It got to be 5:00pm already, so we decided to eat at Klosterbräu too.

Choo, Paris, Richard, and Brian

There are a couple of beer bars in the area, so we headed up the hill to Tapas for a half-liter or two.

Tapas, Bamberg

Reckendorfer Kellerbier

There used to be a bar at the top of the hill in Laurenziplatz called "zum Ösi"; Paris and I had visited it in 2003. The bartender at Klosterbräu told us that it was a wine bar that had closed some time ago, but I remembered seeing references to a "zum Ösi" in a different part of town. Since it was on the way back to the hotel anyway, we looked it up, and it turns out that they had closed the one on the hill and opened a new bar with the same name. The decor was much more subdued — no witches nor skeletons hanging from the ceiling — but it is a nice place with real good beers.

zum Ösi, Bamberg

Huppendorfer Hefeweizen. (I forgot to photograph the Huppendorfer Josefi-Bock.)

The owner was working the bar, and I told him that we had visited the old location six years ago, which he found amusing. When I went to pay the bill a little later, I found him looking at a moderately-popular beer web site.

Beer Me! at zum Ösi

It turns out that he remembered us from six years ago, and we all had a good small-world laugh.

A walk in the rain back to Spezial finished yet another long fun night.

Tomorrow: Bamberg to Biberach

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