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Wednesday, 25 March 2008: Berg and Ehingen/Donau

Yesterday: Bamberg to Biberach

We didn't plan on leaving Biberach and starting today's brewery tours until 11:00am, so Choo and I spent the morning wandering around town and checking out the view from the Weisser Turm.

Weisser Turm, Biberach an der Riß

Biberach an der Riß

"Spring, he says." Choo was led to expect nicer weather than we experienced this week.

A half-hour bus ride got us to Berg. We passed the Warthausen malthouse along the way. There used to be a brewery here, but no more.

Warthausen Malz, near Biberach

Brauerei Berg is a bigger brewery than I expected, in a very small town near the Danube River. The beers were pretty good, and the Maultaschen were excellent.

Brauerei Berg, Ehingen/Donau-Berg

Berg Original, UlrichsBier, and Hefe-Weizen

Berg Bräumeisterpils and Märzen

Berg Schäfleshimmel

Berg Spezial

Berg Kristallweizen

Berg advertises in Biberach

Brauerei Rößle in Ehingen/Donau is a small brewery in a bigger town, and it's just three bus stops away from Berg.

Brauerei Rößle, Ehingen/Donau

The brewer, the 7th-generation of the family that has owned the brewery since 1833, happened to be there, and he gave us a quick tour. It's an 80-hectoliter brewhouse producing 3000 hl per year, 80% of which is sold for distribution.

Scenes from Brauerei Rößle, Ehingen/Donau

They had three very tasty beers on tap today:

Rößle Helles

Rößle Dunkles

Rößle Edel-Ross

The plan was to catch a bus at Ehingen Bahnhof and head back to Biberach, but nature called us instead to the nearby Brauerei Schwert, which I had visited last year.

And at the end of the night, we had a glass of Zwiefalter Pils with our fajitas at El Poco Loco in Biberach.

Tomorrow: Neu-Ulm, Ulm, and Freising

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