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Monday, 22 June 2009: Zwiefaltendorf and Zwiefalten

Yesterday: Travel days

Just like last time, I can't get the hotel's internet connection to work with my machine nor on Paris', so there might be some delays in posting my notes.

Choo and I got on a bus headed for Ehingen. Near the end of the trip, the driver asked why we were going there, and I told him we needed to change to a different bus to go to Zwiefaltendorf. He asked which bus, then what time it was scheduled to leave, which happened to be in about two minutes. He started hollering at the car in front of us to "Geh! Geh!", and he pointed us at the bus we needed, and we made the change just in time.

The bus made a turn by a sign saying it was only two kilometers to Zwiefaltendorf, so I figured we'd want the next stop and pushed the button. The next stop, however, was Datthausen Kapelle, about a mile short of Zwiefaltendorf, so we walked the rest of the way. Funny thing: about halfway there, the bus had made its u-turn and passed us going the other way. The driver looked amusingly confused.

The road from Datthausen to Zwiefaltendorf


They are friendly people at Blank's, and the beers were good, and so was the food. The senior Herr Blank allowed us to walk around his 130-hectoliter (111-barrel) brewhouse and distillery, and he seemed quite interested in the American brewing scene.

Blank's Brauerei, Zwiefaltendorf

Blank's Spezial Dunkel

Blank's Weisse

Blank's Pilsener naturtrüb

Blank's Edelbier

Our next target was nearby Zwiefalter Klosterbräu. The bus would have taken nearly an hour to get us there — if we hadn't already missed it anyway — so Choo decided we should walk. Five kilometers. Along a highway. In the rain. Bad idea immediately after lunch and beers. My stomach reacted like it did in København, but much less violently.

The road from Zwiefaltendorf to Zwiefalten

We did manage to get there in the end.

Zwiefalter Klosterbräu, Zwiefalten

Zwiefalter Klosterbräu is a fairly big brewery with a fairly big Gaststätte attached. We didn't eat there, but we did manage a few of their beers.

Zwiefalter Kloster-Weizen Hefetrüb

Zwiefalter Klosterbräu Spezial Export

Zwiefalter Kloster-Pils

Zwiefalter Abt Beda naturtrüb

We waited most of an hour for the bus to Biberach via Riedlingen, and got back to the hotel just after 6:00pm. I still can't get the wireless internet to connect.

Tomorrow: Isny im Allgäu and Bad Waldsee

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choo said...

"choo decided we should walk"

so are you saying then that you did not enjoy our 5 kilometer stroll in the rain on the side of the road with big multi-wheeled trucks and really fast little german cars whizzing by and the safe pedestrian friendly bike path just beyond the swamp out of reach . . .


well, after that beer you fed me at the end (and missin the very first bus stop of our adventure) you are quite lucky i din't leave yer ass and walk off on my own to find beer worth drinking. eh.

he Dame ließen Sie Ihren Mantel fallen!