Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2009: Bad Schussenried and Tettnang

Yesterday: Isny im Allgäu and Bad Waldsee

The original plan was to ride buses to the Bierkrug-Museum in Bad Schussenried and to Königsegger WalderBräu in Königseggwald. Instead, Choo talked me into renting a car and adding more culture to our trip. Bad Schussenried made the cut. Königseggwald didn't, being replaced by the HopfenMuseum in Tettnang.

I had visited Bad Schussenried in December 2006, but I didn't feel then like I really experienced the place. We did much better this time.

Schussenrieder Erlebnisbrauerei & Bierkrug-Museum, Bad Schussenried

A Choo-sized wooden beer-drinking vessel

Bierkruge for card-players

"The Three-Legged Brewmaster"; note the extra boot

Lunch and a beer followed the museum tour.

Schussenrieder Schwarze Weiße

Schussenrieder Kristall Weizen

More culture was to be found at the HopfenMuseum in Siggenweiler, near Tettnang.

HopfenMuseum Tettnang, Siggenweiler

Whopping great bags o'hops

Hops as high as an elephant's eye

Choo helps with the hop harvest

A Tettnanger Hopfensau

"A beer glass is not just a beer glass! Match up the beer glasses with their appropriate beer styles."

The HopfenMuseum had a section dedicated to the history of Women and Beer.

Homebrewers may be interested to see just how many hop flowers it takes to make hop pellets.

The two glasses contain the same weight of hops.

The HopfenMuseum is just a few minutes away from Dietmannsweiler, home of Brauereigasthof Schöre. I had wanted to visit Schöre many times before, but it was never possible due to their opening at 4:00pm on weekdays. Today, we had the opportunity.

Brauereigasthof Schöre, Dietmannsweiler

The Schöre grounds include cattle barns and hop fields.

We had a spot of dinner and sampled the various beers.

Schörepils naturtrüb

Schöre Weisse

Schörebräu hell naturtrüb

Schörebräu Dunkel

Schöre's owner George Bentele did us the honor of inviting us to sit at his Stammtisch.

In the meantime, Paris had called me from her office in Biberach, reminding me that I was supposed to bring some bottled beers for her colleague. Schöre didn't have any, but I knew that Brauerei-Gasthof Krone in Tettnang did, so we made a quick stop there.

We drove back to Biberach, filled up the tank, dropped off the car, and walked back to the hotel.

$30.59 for 4.359 gallons = $7.02 per gallon

Tomorrow: Rißtissen and Hörvelsingen


choo said...

oh but we had big B I G fun this day, did we not?
i think it ranks as one of the bestest days i ever spent with you!

yay culture!
yay stammtisch!

Richard Stueven said...

It was big fun indeed.

Yay Big Fun!