Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, 25 June 2009: Rißtissen and Hörvelsingen

Yesterday: Bad Schussenried and Tettnang

No Choo today! She's rather the worse for wear after yesterday's adventures, so I'm on my own. A train to Laupheim and a bus to Rißtissen dropped me off in front of Adlerbrauerei Föhr. I found their beers at the Gasthaus zur Traube about two blocks up the street.

Adlerbrauerei Föhr, Rißtissen

Gasthaus zur Traube, Rißtissen

There was nobody here at noon except the owner and a couple of her old-timer regulars. Great beer and a nice plate of Bratwurst!

Föhr Edel-Pils

Föhr Schalander Bier

Föhr Hefe-Weizen

Following a short bus ride to Ulm and a longer one to Hörvelsingen, I found myself at Pflugbrauerei Gnann.

Pflugbrauerei Gnann, Hörvelsingen

The schwäbisch is strong here, and the beers aren't bad.

Pflug Weizen

Pflug Helles

Pflug Dunkles

I missed a bus and didn't get back to Biberach until 7:30 or so. Choo was feeling better, so we wandered around until we found the Croatian restaurant Trulli for dinner. (Paris was working late. Again.)

Tomorrow: Flözlingen and Bernhausen

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choo said...

fitfull sleep finally caught up
crazy street happenings consistently at o'dark thirty
mass quantities of the second place beer
no herb and that little white pill i thought was
r e g u l a r tylenol

"rather worse for wear" is very kind . . .
if my knife woulda been in my pocket i prob'ly woulda cut my own head off. (thanks tsa. i think)

your beer shots are looking exceptionally good - all crisp and relatively in focused. you got some kind of professional special background goin on there?

when do we get to the autobahn?