Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does Guinness Beer Taste Better in Ireland?

My own experience is that Guinness does, in fact, taste better in Ireland than it does in the U.S. It's pretty easy to ascribe that to freshness, though. Any beer will taste better closer to its source.

Over a period of one year, four researchers of different nationalities traveled to 14 countries and visited 71 Guinness serving establishments in 33 cities to collect data for 103 tastings.

Tasting scores for pints of Guinness were generally high all around the world, yet tastings in pubs in Ireland scored significantly higher.

Read the whole story at Science Daily.


LPF said...

Keep in mind that not all Guinness is actually brewed in Ireland. The Guinness FAQ openly admits it's brewed in nearly 50 countries. So you should expect some variation depending on where you're drinking it. While the FAQ also claims tasters can't tell the difference... I'm inclined to agree with you. The Guinness does in fact taste better in Ireland. I found it smoother and less bitter.

Richard Stueven said...

The Guinness sold in the USA is labeled as being brewed in Dublin. But it still tastes better in Dublin than in the USA.

Unknown said...

Guinness sold in the USA is actually brewed in Canada, not Dublin at all!
At a bar in San Diego I challenged their 'International' classification of Guiness as being Canadian, but close examination of the bottle revealed that it was, in fact, brewed in Canada.
Although the label on the front says that Guinness is brewed in Dublin it doesn't mean that the contents of that bottle are brewed in Dublin!!!