Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Most Idiotic Beer Inventions And Innovations Of All Time

As per Jesse Hughey, here are the most idiotic beer inventions and innovations of all time:

  1. Beer Hour (Biru Awa) Beer Can Dispenser

  2. The Koozie

  3. The keychain bottle opener

  4. The Vortex bottle

  5. Cold activated cans and bottles

  6. The vented wide-mouth can

  7. Shoot A Brew cooler

  8. Beer helmet

I can't personally imagine not having my opener on my keyring, but the rest of them mostly deserve to be on the list. Read the rationale for each at the Dallas Observer.


Douglas G. said...

I used to love using a koozie in the old days. But now a day I drink all my beer in a glass. I just us gloves when I'm fishing in cold weather.


Nicolas said...

I think they mean that Coors Light is the #6, not the can itself...

Brent said...

Who doesn't use a koozie when they are playing golf or fishing or at the beach. And a key ring opener is a must! Silly those are included.

Anonymous said...


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