Sunday, December 3, 2006

Here we go again

[Edit 2006-12-11: Like last time, I'll post a Google Earth map with the routes I took on this trip; you'll be able to find it here. I'll update the map with each blog entry as I get caught up.]

My second trip to the Bodensee begins today! (I love my wife's job.) And just in time, too: it's 20-25° warmer in Konstanz that in Nebraska this week. Our flight leaves Omaha just before noon, and we'll fly to Zürich via Atlanta. There Paris will take a taxi directly to the office in Konstanz, while I'll get on a train and head for Simmerberg Bräustätt und Taferne in Bavaria.

I've had to make some revisions to my schedule, which is posted here. I'm looking forward to meeting Andreas Praefcke at Leibinger on Tuesday, and Matthias Krümberg in Konstanz on Saturday, and anybody else I might run into along the way!

(Tomorrow: Zürich-Simmerberg-Konstanz)

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