Thursday, December 7, 2006


(Yesterday: Bad Schussenried)

Whee...another Really Early Morning. It's really starting to look like I won't get another full night's sleep until I get home next Sunday night. But the weather today is beautiful (although the locals still seem to think it's cold) and my trains and buses ran like clockwork and everything happened right on schedule, exactly the opposite of yesterday.

Barfüßer - die Hausbrauerei is a short walk from the Bahnhof through the Fußgängerzone. Today's lunch crowd was rather older, but also rather boisterous, so they were all fun to watch. The bar upstairs, co-located with the brewhouse, seemed geared toward a younger clientele. The Schwarzbier was quite tasty, as was the Schweinshax'n (€7,80) which absolutely enormous.

Barfüßer - die Hausbrauerei, UlmBarfüßer's bar
Barfüßer's brewhouseBarfüßer's retail store

Beers sell for €2,30-2,40 for a 0.3-liter glass, and €2,90-3,00 for a half-liter. They also have lots of different ways for you to take their beer home with you: one-liter bottles, two-liter "Kanne", five-liter "Party Dose", and three different sizes of kegs.

Barfüßer Rotgold PilsBarfüßer Blonde
Barfüßer Schwarze

They have the neatest painting on the wall: Albert Einstein as a homebrewer. (Or maybe an alchemist.) Ulm being Einstein's hometown, I asked if there was a museum or monument nearby, but the bartender said no. That's a shame.

Einstein the Homebrewer

"Gönn' Dir Gutes, gönn' Dir Barfüßer!"

I returned to Konstanz via a couple of trains, a Schussenrieder Pils at the Speisegaststätte Stadtbahnhof in Friedrichshafen, and the Bodensee Katamaran, which departs from the Zeppelin Museum. Next time I'm here, I'll definitely make time to visit that museum, which has a reconstructed section of the LZ 129 Hindenburg that you can explore.

Speisegaststätte Stadtbahnhof, FriedrichshafenZeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen

We spent the evening drinking Glühwein in the Weihnachtsmarkt am See with some of Paris' Altana colleagues, and we actually turned in at a decent hour for the first time this week.

(Tomorrow: Hundersingen)

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