Friday, December 8, 2006


(Yesterday: Ulm)

It's a Real Nice Day here in Baden-Württemberg, perfect weather for a brewery visit. All went well, until I misunderstood the train conductor's voice on the loudspeaker; I got off the train at Herbertingen Ort, when I should have stayed on for one more stop, the Herbertingen station. So I missed the bus to Hundersingen and ended up walking there instead. One hour later, and a hundred feet higher in altitude — Mohrhalde is quite a steep alley! — I arrived at Brauereigasthof Adler, mightily thirsty.

Brauereigasthof Adler, HundersingenAdler's retail store
Adler's bar"Hops and malt, God preserve them!"
Adler SpezialAdler Pils
Adler Keller Pils

On the way home, I had time for a quick Schussenrieder Pils at the Wunderbar in Bad Saulgau Bahnhof.

Wunderbar, Bad Saulgau

The Katamaran was running an hour behind schedule, so I wandered around Friedrichshafen for a while, stopping at Pier 40 for a misleadingly-named Meckatzer Weiss-Gold. And the 55-minute journey across the Bodensee was plenty of time to enjoy a Leibinger Edel-Pils on the boat.

Pier 40, FriedrichshafenMeckatzer Weiss-Gold at Pier 40
Leibinger Edel-Pils on the Bodensee Katamaran

The only thing that really went wrong today: I seem to have caught a whopping great cold this afternoon. This is unfortunate, because tomorrow will be the first time all week that Paris and I will be able to spend all day together, and we have some friends visiting from Hessen. We'll see how this goes.

(Tomorrow: Konstanz)

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Anonymous said...

The somewhat misleading name of "Weiss-Gold" has a simple reason: "Weiss" was the brewer's name that invented this first beer brand in the Allgäu region in 1905. The brewery is still in possession of the Weiss family.