Sunday, December 17, 2006


[Edit 1/6/2007: Added a couple of pictures, courtesy of Matthias Krümberg.]

(Yesterday: Hundersingen)

This sucks. I caught the Mother of All Colds yesterday, and I'm having a hell of a time just getting out of bed. Paris is bored stiff; today is the first day we've been able to spend together, and it was supposed to be our Fun Day. Plus our friend Matthias Krümberg and his girlfriend Janine are coming to Konstanz this afternoon.

Paris went out to do some souvenir shopping, and when she got back she convinced me to go to the Apotheke, who recommended some medications that were utterly useless.

In the end, we walked over to Brauhaus Johann Albrecht, where we had arranged to meet Matthias and Janine. The walk seemed to do me some good, as did their seasonal Nickelbier Bock. And when our friends arrived, a good time was had by all.

Brauhaus Johann Albrecht, KonstanzJanine, Matthias, and Paris at Brauhaus Johann Albrecht
Matthias, Paris, and Richard at Brauhaus Johann Albrecht, Konstanz

After dinner and a liter or two of Nickelbier, we all headed over to zum Salzbüchsle for some Andechser beers. Matthias was surprised to find that they also had bottles of Flensburger, which he says is Germany's best Pilsener. (Or at least a close second to Jever Pils.) Matthias ordered his "Plopp" without a glass; I told the bartender that I would prefer to pour my beer into a glass, but she and Matthias both insisted that this beer is meant to be enjoyed straight from the bottle. With or without a glass, it's a Real Good Beer.

Haus zum Salzbüchsle, Konstanz

Of course, a beer-drinking binge in Konstanz is incomplete without partaking of Olaf's hospitality at Bierstube zur steinernen Kugel.

Bierstube zur steinernen Kugel, KonstanzRichard, Olaf, Paris, and Matthias at Bierstube zur steinernen Kugel, Konstanz

(Tomorrow: Home)

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