Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up

OK, I'm back. Here's what's been going on since last Monday:

Tuesday, March 13: Brewed a batch of Maibock, with the assistance of local homebrewer Tom Froehner and his brother Rob. (Actually, they did all the work.) All went well, except that the mash stuck. I blame Rob, mainly because he's not here to defend himself.

Wednesday, March 14: Spent the entire day on the road to and from Manhattan, Kansas. One of our cats needed some specialty work done, and we killed some time at Little Apple Brewing near the vet hospital.

Little Apple Brewing, Manhattan KS

Thursday, March 15: Transferred the Irish Stout and the Hefeweizen into their respective bright beer tanks in the cellar. They'll carbonate overnight.

Friday, March 16: Hooked up the nitro-tap and kegged some 1916 Irish Stout, along with a bunch of other kegs for the pub, and a few more for next weekend's Nebraska Beer Tasting in Milligan, Nebraska.

Monday, March 19: Went to the chiropractor. Worked on this week's schedule. Did the semi-monthly federal excise taxes. Neil Witte from Boulevard Brewing called to say he had a received a few of my empty kegs by mistake, and we made arrangements for me to get them back. Typed up this article.

Tomorrow, I'll clean a couple of tanks. I'd like to brew something Wednesday, but I haven't decided what it will be yet. Gold? Kölsch? Schwarzbier? Rye? Vienna? Hmmm...

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