Monday, March 5, 2007


The beers are starting to stack up in the fermenters, waiting to be filtered, so I need to free up some tank space in the cellar. Tank #3 is empty, but its carbonating stone needed repairs, so that was the first order of the day after the weekly draft-line-cleaning ritual.

T3's carbonating stone, before and after assembly

Once the stone was in place, I cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized the tank. I'll filter the Impromptu Pale Ale into this tank later this week.

On a sad note, the last two barrels of Princess of Darkness Porter went down the drain this afternoon. I had my camera handy, but pictures of beer going down the drain can be very disturbing. It had picked up a nasty lactic flavor in recent weeks, and Paris herself said it wasn't worthy of our customers. That tank will get cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized tomorrow while I'm filtering the Bugeater Brown, and it will likely receive the 1916 Irish Stout next week.

I checked all the temperatures and gravities of the fermenting beers, so I can figure out who gets filtered when, and which yeasts to harvest for the upcoming brews.

I tried printing our February tax returns, but my old Lexmark X125 printer isn't compatible with the Windows Vista that came installed on my new Gateway NX570X notebook. I emailed Lexmark support asking if they're planning to release an X125 Vista driver, but I haven't heard anything back yet. It looks like I'll be filling out the forms by hand this month. How 20th century.

Tomorrow: Filtration, cleaning, and another beer gets dumped.

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