Monday, March 26, 2007

Queen of Clubs Schwarzbier

Upon leaving the chiropractor's office, I came to the brewery and put together seven barrels of Queen of Clubs Schwarzbier, which I haven't brewed since I was at Egan's in 2000. (The name refers to the only card game I know how to play.) I had to adjust the recipe a bit to account for some malt I didn't have, and I botched the math, and near the end of the boil I realized I was going to be about 2° Plato light. But the boil was more effective as usual for some reason, and the OE ended up at 10.8° Plato, which isn't terribly out of line.

And I got all of the kegs out of the van from this Saturday's festivities.

Tomorrow: clean the draft lines, pick up some sugar, order some malt and hops, and visit an allergist.

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