Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quiet in here

I see I haven't posted much since the middle of October. I could say that's because not much has been happening around here since the middle of October, and I wouldn't be lying much. I could also say that I've been pathologically lazy lately, and I wouldn't be lying at all.

So here's the quick-and-dirty on the activities at Gottberg lately:

  • Filtered the All-American Gold.

  • Brewed Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen.

  • Brewed Bugeater Brown.

  • Did the mid-October taxes. Cleaned and filled kegs. Kegged off the old batch of Brown.

  • More shots in the back. Physical therapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • Poured beer at the Oktoberfest in Leigh.

  • Cleaned the draft lines. Calculated new wholesale beer and soda prices.

  • Cleaned a bright tank and filtered Johnny the Jet's Red Beer into it. (It's not as red as I wanted it to be.) Tried to figure out how much hops we'll go through next year.

  • Cleaned a fermenter.

  • Cleaned and filled kegs.

  • Kegged off the Princess of Darkness Porter and the Moll Dubh Irish Ale, and cleaned both tanks.

  • Moved seven barrels of Root Beer downstairs. Filtered our Novemberfest beer. (I brewed it way too late and way too strong to be an Oktoberfest beer.) Spent the evening at the Pint Night at the Crescent Moon, featuring our Princess of Darkness Porter.

  • Cleaned a fermenter.

  • Filled kegs. Tapped the Novemberfest.

  • Did October's monthly tax reports. Filtered the Bugeater Brown. Transferred the Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen.

  • Cleaned the draft lines. Filled root beer kegs for Norfolk. Cleaned a couple dozen picnic taps. Sent letters to our customers outlining our price increases, to take effect January 1.

  • Delivered the kegs to Norfolk. Cleaned two fermenters.

Same shit, different month.

Here's what's coming up:

  1. Clean and fill kegs. Clean the tap faucets. Give a tour to 45 people.

  2. Deliver kegs to Lincoln. Pour beer at the Gesu Housing fundraiser in Omaha.

  3. Clean the draft lines.

  4. Brew some Gold, Pale Ale, and maybe something else.


Brewer said...

Do you think you will have any problem getting all the hops you need for the year? I know it was touch and go for us for a while but we got the #'s we need for the year, but not in all the varieties we wanted. we are going to have to play around with a few new varieties late in the year.

Richard Stueven said...

I called Hopunion yesterday and told them what I figured I'd need for 2008. They put me on a "wish list" currently numbering about 200 brewers in the same predicament.

They said there will basically be no high-alpha hops until next harvest (autumn 2008) and also no Cascades. But of the six varieties I'm planning to use, only Simcoe is on the endangered list right now.

My guess is it's gonna be ugly next year.